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People spend a majority of their time in rooms with various types of flooring. Besides design aspects and technical properties (e.g. easy to clean), health and sustainability are also major aspects when choosing floor covering. What does this mean in specific? For example: low emissions and no adverse impacts on health and the environment.

This is especially interesting, when PVC flooring is considered. This type if flooring is often used in private housing and public buildings as it is available in many designs, easy to handle and very durable. PVC flooring contains plasticizers and Hexamoll® DINCH is an excellent choice for this type of application.

Hexamoll® DINCH is a non-phthalate plasticizer especially designed for close human contact. Furthermore, BASF invested more than €7 million in toxicological research for Hexamoll® DINCH. The results are outstanding and we can confirm that Hexamoll® DINCH has been intensively tested for reproductive and developmental toxicity as well as repeated use and does not show any adverse effects.

Due to its low volatility and UV resistance (in combination with light stabilizers such as Tinuvin®, Uvinul® or Chimassorb®)1, Hexamoll® DINCH is an excellent choice for flooring applications.

Schossler et al. (2011)2 tested the maximum achievable air concentration of Hexamoll® DINCH in an emission chamber. After about 600 hours at 23°C a steady-state concentration of <0.5 µg/m3; was reached. This makes the possible inhalative uptake of Hexamoll® DINCH negligible.

Also thanks to low emissions, there is flooring with Hexamoll® DINCH available, which carries the German ecolabel “Blue Angel”. This label sets high standards for environmentally friendly product design and has proven itself over the past 40 years as a reliable guide for a more sustainable consumption. Here, you can read more about the certification.

Besides the safety aspect, Hexamoll® DINCH also offers technical properties that make it the preferred plasticizer for flooring applications. Below, you find example applications, for which it is suitable.

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